The Baptist Theological Seminary of Zambia was established in January 1967. Classes began with five men and four women. The first classes of the school were held at the Baptist Building near downtown Lusaka on the Great East Road. The first graduation was held in 1972 with 10 students being graduated. The graduation speaker for the first graduation ceremony was His Excellency, Dr. Kenneth D. Kaunda, president of the Republic of Zambia. Now, the BTSZ boasts hundreds of graduates – many who serve in churches throughout Zambia and some who have studied further in places like South Africa, Kenya, South Korea, and the United States. ype scrambledmaining.


The Baptist Theological Seminary of Zambia is a theological training institution owned and funded by the Baptist Fellowship of Zambia (a Baptist denomination of approximately 2000 Zambian churches) and operated in partnership with the Baptist Mission of Zambia (an organization supported through the International Mission Board, USA). While the main concern of theological training is for students from the churches of the Baptist Fellowship of Zambia, the Seminary also welcomes students from other Christian denominations and from other countries.


The Baptist Theological Seminary is internationally affiliated with the Accrediting Council for Theological Education in Africa (ACTEA) and maintains the highest academic standards. The Seminary is also seeking recognition through the Zambian Higher Education Administration (HEA).