Why study with the Baptist Theological Seminary of Zambia?

First, we are equipped with quality faculty. Our Zambian and international faculty are well-trained from prestigious seminaries and universities, ensuring quality academic standards. Our Faculty

Second, we train the whole person both practically and intellectually to carry out the work of the ministry. In partnership with rigorous assignments and insightful lectures, we ensure that each student is involved in regular and practical ministry experience, with the supervision of local supervisors.

Third, we are committed to communal learning. Especially since we are training leaders and pastors, many disciplines require face to face interaction on our 22-acre campus designed to accommodate both students and faculty. Education is not merely the transfer of information. We cannot replicate this through the internet or through distance studies, just as we know the difference between a church service and a recorded sermon on television.

Fourth, we are people of the Book. Unlike other institutions, we delve deeply into the original languages of Greek and Hebrew, that the student may become a better interpreter, teacher, and preacher.

The Baptist Theological Seminary of Zambia strives to equip current and future Christian leaders for service. In this endeavor, we provide the following programs:

BACHELOR OF THEOLOGY: This program consists of four years of full-time study.  To enroll, the applicant must possess five O Level credits in any five subjects.

Pastoral Track BTh and Dip

DIPLOMA OF THEOLOGY: This program consists of three years of full-time study.  To enroll, the applicant must possess five O Level passes in any five subjects.

Education Track BTh

CERTIFICATE OF CHRISTIAN MINISTRY: Through our Non-Residential Theological Training Institute (NRTTI), this program consists of regularly scheduled intensives. The classes provide an overview of Christian doctrine and practice.